Press Release: Terry Vision at The Edinburgh Fringe

For Immediate Release:

Terry Vision – The Return of a National Treasure

Edinburgh, August 2012: Years ago, he was on top of the world. He would talk to the stars every night, he would wake up the country every morning, and when you needed an unflappable light entertainment host with a twinkle in his eye, he was there.

Then Terry Vision retired.

In the years since, life has been good for the National Treasure. He’s been able to put his feet up, watch the world go by, pack his microphone away, and stop being nice to his cameraman. Until Mrs Vision needed to buy another new car. With a heavy heavy (and a light bank account), Terry is returning to the circuit, but it’s a new world of YouTube, Facebook, Hurdlepile, Twitter, and Web 2.0. Can he climb back on top of the pyramid of power?

This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe will see Terry out and about, interviewing the up and coming talent, the stars, and the people who should have given it up years ago, showcasing them on his website (

He’ll also be looking to get on stage as often as possible, ask favours from his old chums on the radio and in television to give him a little boost to his career, and do anything he can to return the Vision home to one of marital bliss… by replacing the car in the driveway.

What people are saying about Terry Vision’s return to the public eye:

Terry is such a cutie!”, TheSwaagQueen, random person on YouTube.

That’s fantastic, but you’re as mad as a brush”, Marty Whelan, RTE 1.

Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m not getting involved with you again.” Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2.

What can Terry offer you:

  • A different voice to talk about The Fringe, its impact on popular culture, on Edinburgh, his recommendation, acts to watch out for, and the ability to cast his patriarchal eye over the whole festival experience.
  • A unique panel guest with hundreds of years of experience, the stories to match, and the Irish gift of the gab to fill up time in the long month of August.
  • A memorable interviewing experience, showcasing your talent to his legions of fans.

Contact Details

Ewan Spence (Manager and Puppeteer),
Mobile 07966 152772

Terry with his manager. Ewan Spence

Terry and Engelbert Humperdinck

Terry meets one of hs fans from Azerbaijan

Terry hard at work



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