Nobody Does It Better Than Terry Vision

Vision. Terry Vision.

How can you sum up the Malmö adventures of our Senior Interviewer in Malmo in just three minutes? Like this.

We know that an interview with Terry rarely follows the party line, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who appeared with Terry and joined in with all the fun in Malmö, throughout the National Final season, and the Preview Parties and Concerts.

Terry and the team are going to take away some fantastic memories from the interviews, but in case you missed some of them, or just want a final slice of our Senior Interviewer as ‘Eurovision off-season’ kicks in, we’ve put together a highlights reel of his best moments, and put it to music.


Terry meets Sarah Dawn Finer… but he’s thinking of Lynda Woodruff

Sarah Dawn Finer is the lady that has been stealing the hearts of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans for many years. Ahead of her performance tonight during the interval of Eurovision 2013, she met up with our senior interviewer Terry Vision, the man that has broken the hearts of Eurovision performers for many a year.

Of course Terry has desires on another woman from the EBU who shares his feelings on the Eurovision Song Contest… a woman that Sarah is very close to.

Terry Vision does The Time Warp with Eythor Ingi

When two musical theatre actors get together at the Eurovision Song Contest, there will always be a moment when they compare shows and roles. Our senior interviewer Terry Vision did just that when he met this year’s Icelandic singer Eythor Ingi.

Terry once played ‘The Narrator’ at The Rocky Horror Show. Eythor Ingi once played Riff-Raff in the Rocky Horror Show. You can see where this is going…

Terry Vision helps Takasa change their name… again

What if Takasa have to change their name again? Terry Vision has some ideas they could use.

They’ve already switched away from Heilsarmee to Takasa, but what if the Takasa Noodle Bar in Catford decide to send in the heavies and demand another name change? Our senior interviewer has five alternative names for the band to consider…

Terry Vision encourages Adrian Lulgjuraj to sing Suus

The biggest challenge of any Albanian singer is to hit the high note that Rona Nishliu reached in Baku with Suus. Can our senior interviewer help Adrian to match Rona’s reach?

But before that, it’s time for a subtle check of Adrian’s rock credentials. Thankfully he passed with flying colours, and you all get a clip of one of his inspirations in our latest video interview.

Terry Vision asks Koza Mostra to sing really quickly

The chorus of ‘Alcohol is Free’ is rather catchy, but perhaps it takes too long to sing. Can Terry get the boys from Koza Mostra to sing it in 30 seconds… in 15 seconds… in 5 seconds… in one second?

In the process, Terry does decide that he likes the shorter versions of the Eurovision songs. If everyone followed this model, the Contest would take just twenty minutes. That feels about right for Terry.