Nobody Does It Better Than Terry Vision

Vision. Terry Vision.

How can you sum up the Malmö adventures of our Senior Interviewer in Malmo in just three minutes? Like this.

We know that an interview with Terry rarely follows the party line, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who appeared with Terry and joined in with all the fun in Malmö, throughout the National Final season, and the Preview Parties and Concerts.

Terry and the team are going to take away some fantastic memories from the interviews, but in case you missed some of them, or just want a final slice of our Senior Interviewer as ‘Eurovision off-season’ kicks in, we’ve put together a highlights reel of his best moments, and put it to music.


Terry Vision meets Johnny Logan

Terry’s been holding out on us, but we’ve found his interview with Johnny Logan from earlier in the year. We all know Terry’s favourite Sean Sherrard song, will he mention the second placed song to another Irish superstar?

Following his appearance at the end of Dansk MGP, Denmark’s National Final, singer-songwriter Johnny Logan caught up with ESC Insight’s Senior Interviewer, Terry Vision. Are Logan’s Eurovision winning days behind him, or could he make a return?

Terry Vision Meets Ralf Gyllenhammar

After winning through his heat to the Melodifestivalen Final, Ralf Gyllenhammar sat down with Terry Vision to talk about ‘Bed on Fire’.

The definitive results of the heat aren’t public yet, but Gyllenhammar is confident he knows the result he picked up in Malmo, and how he’ll fare against Ulrik Munther in Stockholm. But what is a ‘Bed on Fire’ anyway? Terry decided to find out…

Terry Vision meets Gina Dirawi and Danny Saucedo

If Danny got to sing with Alcazar and Melodifestivalen, who would Gina like to duet with? Terry Vision decided to find out… and make it happen!

In the green room at Melodifestivalen last week, Terry Vision caught up with the hosts of Sweden’s six week musical spectacular. Danny Saucedo was fresh from being on stage as the fourth member of Alcazar, and Terry was wondering if Gina had anyone she would want to duet with.

You know what? Sometimes dreams can come true…

Terry Vision asks Ulrik Munther one question

Terry Vision meets up with the boy wonder, Ulrik Munther, and starts with an easy question about his iPhone. At least Terry thought it was easy…

After the evening Dress Rehearsal, Terry caught up with Ulrik Munther. The plan was to talk about musical influence, the good and the bad, and where Ulrik found his love for music. Unfortunately the interview didn’t go as planned….

Terry Vision meets Anke Engelke

Anke Engelke is probably one of the most popular presenters of Eurovision. Will the sparks fly when she meets our senior interviewer, Terry Vision?

While the rest of the world’s press caught up Natalie Horner to ask if Cascada’s song was based on Status Quo’s ‘Whatever You Want’, Terry caught up with the host of Unser Star Fur Malmo, Anke Engelke, to find out if the real winner of the German National Final was Cyndi Almouzni La Brassa Banda.

But the question everyone else wants Terry to ask is this…. is Anke’s diary is free in May 2014 to host another German Eurovision Song Contest ?

Terry meets the Brotherhood of Man

We’re still picking up the pieces on Terry’s Danish adventures and who he found backstage, so bear with us, but his time with The Brotherhood of Man was spent trying to stop them singing their winning Eurovision Song. Did he succeed? Find out as our Senior Interviewer meets one of the most successful winners of the Song Contest of all time.

Terry and the Herreys… Gangnam Style!

If there’s one thing I wasn’t ready for in Denmark, it was interviewing the Herreys with a bit Gangnam Style on the side! Having done the double by winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984, and the Sopot Song Festival in 1985, the Herreys had only one goal left. To be the interval act at Dansk MGP, warm up the audience for Johnny Logan, and to chat with me…

It certainly wasn’t my goal.

Two Eurovision Commentators Walk Into A National Final…

Taking to the stage with the rest of the media scrum after the recent Die Entscheidungs Show, I found Swiss TV presenter Sven Epiney. Is Sven going grey, is he ready to stand in for Heilsarmee’s 94 year old bassist if he has ‘a dicky ticker’, and what will be Sven’s favourite tipple in the Malmo commentary booth? Time to find out…

Terry Vision meets the Swedish Ambassador

Per Thoresson is the Swedish Ambassador to Switzerland, and was at the Swiss National Final last weekend (we suspect to support his daughter who was on the In-Studio Jury). After the show was over, the race was on to find out more about Heilsarmee, but Terry Vision had other ideas.

After all, the pressing concerns this year are not the performers heading to Malmo, but (a) the lack of hotels in Malmo and (b) the excessive price of a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream in Sweden. Perhaps the Ambassador could reassure our Senior Eurovision Legend?