Terry Vision helps Takasa change their name… again

What if Takasa have to change their name again? Terry Vision has some ideas they could use.

They’ve already switched away from Heilsarmee to Takasa, but what if the Takasa Noodle Bar in Catford decide to send in the heavies and demand another name change? Our senior interviewer has five alternative names for the band to consider…


Terry Vision encourages Adrian Lulgjuraj to sing Suus

The biggest challenge of any Albanian singer is to hit the high note that Rona Nishliu reached in Baku with Suus. Can our senior interviewer help Adrian to match Rona’s reach?

But before that, it’s time for a subtle check of Adrian’s rock credentials. Thankfully he passed with flying colours, and you all get a clip of one of his inspirations in our latest video interview.

Terry Vision asks Koza Mostra to sing really quickly

The chorus of ‘Alcohol is Free’ is rather catchy, but perhaps it takes too long to sing. Can Terry get the boys from Koza Mostra to sing it in 30 seconds… in 15 seconds… in 5 seconds… in one second?

In the process, Terry does decide that he likes the shorter versions of the Eurovision songs. If everyone followed this model, the Contest would take just twenty minutes. That feels about right for Terry.

Terry meets ‘The Dress’ Moran Mazor

Can ESC Insight’s senior interviewer Terry Vision avoid mentioning ‘that’ dress when he interviews Israel’s Moran Mazor? Of course not…

His other issue might be keeping out of the way of the Israeli press team after his opening question. Yes, once more, Terry treads where others dance around the issue.

Terry meets Ukraine’s Gentle Giant

Terry might be a big star interviewer in the Eurovision world, but what happens when he comes up against a real giant?

Igor Vovkovinskiy is America’s tallest living man, and he’s in Malmö to be in Ukraine’s stage show for ‘My Gravity’. You won’t be able to miss Vovkovinskiy’s appearance in the semi-final (and perhaps even in the final…), but how will our diminutive senior interviewer cope?

Terry tries to interview Alyona Lanskaya

The questions are ready, the angles have been researched, but Alyona Lanskaya has other ideas when Terry Vision arrived to interview her.

This year’s goodie bag from Belarus is already passing in to legend, but Terry would rather sit down with Alyona to talk about her long Eurovision adventure stretching back over a number of years. But sometimes our Senior Interviewer faces too much of a challenge.

Terry Vision meets Ireland’s biggest eejit, Ryan Dolan

Why is Ireland sending an entry that might win? Terry tackles Ryan Dolan about his intentions.

Not only is he following Jedward, but he might go and win the whole thing and bring the bill back to Ireland! It’s time for our senior interviewer to have words with Ryan about the chaos and financial ruin he could bring to Ireland.

Terry Vision is attacked by Amandine Bourgeois

Do you know how much risk there is being our Senior Interviewer? Terry Vision finds out as he meets French singer Amadine Bourgeois.

She’s had a varied career since her first victory on Nouvelle Star, with numerous albums, concerts, and recording sessions. Now she’s been selected as the French representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s time for Terry to find out what has happened since the 2006 talent show.

Krista Siegfrids apologises to Terry Vision

After causing some fuss in Amsterdam, Terry is not at all happy with the attitude of Finland’s Krista Siegfrids. Can he get her to apologise to the world’s Eurovision press?

Let’s just say that this wasn’t a meeting that our Senior Interviewer was looking forward to, but sometimes ‘Terry’s gotta do what Terry’s gotta do’. Its not like this is his first interviewee that needed a strong hand to stop them taking over.