Terry Vision’s Finnish Adventure at UMK

What a busy Super Saturday!

We don’t mean jumping around all the streaming show (which we did), we don’t mean posting all the tweets and images (which we did), but we do mean trying to keep Terry Vision out of trouble (which we didn’t).

Our Senior Interview is back on the case once more for the 2014 Eurovision scene, and this weekend we sent him into arctic temperatures and prehistoric wind chill factors to go behind the scenes at YLE’s UMK contest. Softengine were the overall winners and will sing for Finland in May, but what else was going on away from the stage.

And would Terry be able to avoid Krista Siegfrids?

As always, a big thank you to everyone for taking time out of their schedule for Terry to interview them. Next up, Terry’s going to have a well deserved rest before flying out to Latvia for this final of Dziesma.


Krista Siegfrids apologises to Terry Vision

After causing some fuss in Amsterdam, Terry is not at all happy with the attitude of Finland’s Krista Siegfrids. Can he get her to apologise to the world’s Eurovision press?

Let’s just say that this wasn’t a meeting that our Senior Interviewer was looking forward to, but sometimes ‘Terry’s gotta do what Terry’s gotta do’. Its not like this is his first interviewee that needed a strong hand to stop them taking over.