Terry meets Sarah Dawn Finer… but he’s thinking of Lynda Woodruff

Sarah Dawn Finer is the lady that has been stealing the hearts of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision fans for many years. Ahead of her performance tonight during the interval of Eurovision 2013, she met up with our senior interviewer Terry Vision, the man that has broken the hearts of Eurovision performers for many a year.

Of course Terry has desires on another woman from the EBU who shares his feelings on the Eurovision Song Contest… a woman that Sarah is very close to.


Terry Vision Meets Ralf Gyllenhammar

After winning through his heat to the Melodifestivalen Final, Ralf Gyllenhammar sat down with Terry Vision to talk about ‘Bed on Fire’.

The definitive results of the heat aren’t public yet, but Gyllenhammar is confident he knows the result he picked up in Malmo, and how he’ll fare against Ulrik Munther in Stockholm. But what is a ‘Bed on Fire’ anyway? Terry decided to find out…

Terry Vision asks Ulrik Munther one question

Terry Vision meets up with the boy wonder, Ulrik Munther, and starts with an easy question about his iPhone. At least Terry thought it was easy…

After the evening Dress Rehearsal, Terry caught up with Ulrik Munther. The plan was to talk about musical influence, the good and the bad, and where Ulrik found his love for music. Unfortunately the interview didn’t go as planned….